Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30

Today in class, we discussed with our Canterbury Tales/Character Study groups how the "riddle" should work and how/if groups should/could interact with one another on their way to the final destination. If you were absent today, you should connect with your group to see what they came up with during their brainstorm.

Explanation of Agenda #3:

Dr. Preston contrasted the words "group" and "team"; a group is just a collection of individuals, while a team suggests that they are unified by a common goal (interesting for plot!).

Moreover, an "alliance" means cooperation between groups, which is an option for our developing stories. <--this is a link to the etherpad, it's important so you should click it

A "guild" is a collection of individuals who practice the same craft or trade; given that we're all AP English students, our class could be considered a guild.

"Samurai" follow strict codes of honor, and when they are given a task they WILL get it done.

"Cocktail napkins" are where some of the best plans are made; for ideas, formality isn't necessary.


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